The Importance of HVAC Market Development

Market development is an important aspect of marketing. It is a strategic step that should be taken by HVAC companies to attract new customers, drive sales, and propel their business to growth and success.

The HVAC system market was valued at $181.00 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $251.60 billion by 2023. There are many driving factors for its incredible growth. These include the increasing demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems and the need to replace old systems, the booming residential construction and improvement industry, extreme weather conditions, and the tax credit and rebate programs by the government.

What is HVAC market development?

Market development is a two-step process that allows a business to explore an untapped market.

The first step is market research, where the HVAC company performs a segmentation analysis and creates market segments (small sub-groups of a larger population). The goal is to promote the existing HVAC system to a new market. For example, if it is currently sold to high-end customers, market research lets the company determine whether it can be offered to middle-income households. In addition to income levels, market segments can also be based on other categories, such as geography and demographics.

Once the company determines the potential of a new market, it’s time to create a promotional strategy. This step involves various steps, such as:

·    identifying the target buyer;

·    making them want what the company offers;

·    creating a detailed strategy.

This involves identifying what marketing approaches will be used. At present, many companies utilize digital marketing. It is in itself a complex approach as there are different types of online advertising: social media, pay per click, email, push notification, and influencer marketing, etc. An all-in-one marketing platform makes the management of different campaigns easier and more effective.

Importance of Market Development in the HVAC Industry

Perhaps the major benefit of market development in the HVAC industry is gaining new customers. As consumer needs and preferences evolve, market research enables HVAC companies to seize opportunities to tap into a new market.

The HVAC industry is evolving fast and market preference is shifting. For instance, by 2023, the HVAC system market will have more demand for heat pumps and the new construction market will take up the largest portion of the HVAC system market.

Market development gives HVAC companies an in-depth knowledge of current consumer needs and demands, and helps them study whether their existing products can be offered to new markets.

With these come opportunities to drive more sales. With the right marketing strategy, an HVAC system can be offered to a group of new clients.

The only disadvantage of market development is the risk associated with it. Entering a new market or territory is always risky and has an equivalent cost. Without sufficient market research, a company can lose a lot of money attempting to enter new markets.


Expanding your HVAC business to a new country or region, or a different group of people is a good strategy to grow your company and increase your sales.

Market development is a two-step process that involves identifying a new market and creating a marketing strategy to attract new customers. It does involve some risks, but when done successfully, it can drive growth in your revenues.

You may need a different strategy to capture a new market. It is important to understand the new market profile to create an advertising campaign that is targeted to them. Marketing should be highly personalized and customized to the needs of that new audience. Employing a mix of offline and online advertising strategies should greatly help address this challenge.

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