AUSTIN, TexasModernize has announced a strategic partnership with Spectrum Communications & Consulting Inc. The partnership will allow Modernize to deliver sales leads and appointments directly into home improvement contractors’ Predictive Sales Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, allowing a contractor to gain insight and intelligence into lead performance and sales representative performance instantly and automatically. 

“It’s rare that we find another solution provider that’s as committed to leveraging homeowner data to their customers’ advantage as we are,” noted Modernize CEO Jason Polka. “But that’s exactly why we’ve partnered with Spectrum. We’re confident that the powerful data unleashed by our combined solution will help our customers realize even more value out of the leads and appointments we provide.”

Aside from improving close rates for leads provided by Modernize, the two companies will be sharing aggregate performance data. This will enable both Modernize and Spectrum to improve the quality of their products by better understanding how different types of leads and appointments perform throughout their clients’ sales funnels.

“This partnership with Modernize is unlike any we’ve engaged in before," said Ty King, CEO of Spectrum. "It is based on the shared understanding that the more we help our customers grow by leveraging their data, the more our own businesses will succeed."

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