PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. — Hoshizaki America Inc.’s newest employee group is working hard to make a difference at Hoshizaki and in the local community. Hoshizaki America’s Green Team is committed to environmental stewardship through education and continual improvements in the areas of corporate sustainability, personal responsibility, and community engagement. This group of employees wants to improve business practices to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, educate employees about what it means to lead healthier more “green” lives, and get involved in community events. One of the first activities was working with Fayette Water Guardians to clean up Lake Kedron on August 24. They have also changed the plastic stir straws to wooden stirrers in the coffee break areas. 

“Hoshizaki has consistently focused on making energy efficient products and is proud to partner with Energy Star,” said Kris Miller, vice president of engineering and executive sponsor of the Hoshizaki Green Team. “This year we’ve broadened initiatives to include the building, property and community through our employees.”

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