Company: Danfoss

Product: BT/BU Solenoid Valve Coils

Description: This dual voltage/dual frequency product extends the company’s lineup beyond the existing offerings of extensive single voltage coils. Commonly used in walk-in coolers, freezers, and food retail display cases, they are also applied in air conditioning applications. The BT model comes with junction box and the BU comes with conduit boss. Each coil can operate at one of four voltage/frequency combinations: 110V/50Hz, 110–120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, or 208–240Hz. The BT and BU coils complement much of the company’s refrigeration components and system solutions, such as thermostatic and electronic expansion valves, distributors, electronic temperature controls, and condensing units, among others, to enable compliance with regulations and for saving on installation and maintenance. They are also compatible with the Danfoss Magnetic Tool app, which can turn any Android or iOS device into a precise magnetic field detector.

Contact: 888-326-3677,, eProduct 185

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