Company: Wago

Product: Touch Panel 600 Line

Description: These products bring high-tech screens and high-quality visualizations to allow users to accompany their machines with advanced features. The engine has a Cortex A9 multicore processor providing fast operating speeds. Onboard security includes a built-in firewall and VPN to address cyberattacks. All panels are equipped with Linux operating system and support HTML5 technology. The line includes three versions to give users flexibility to use the right technology that fits their application and budget. The control panel offers control and visualization to be performed simultaneously for an all-in-one automation solution. The visual panel splits the responsibility of control and graphic visualization with the PLC controller. The web panel is an industrial web browser optimized to operate with Wago’s e!COCKPIT based PFC100 and PFC200 controllers.

Contact: 800-346-7245,, eProduct 187

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