Today’s cars — or any other product — aren’t built the way they were 100 years ago.

“The assembly line has drastically changed automotive production, yet we are still creating buildings the same way we did more than a hundred years ago,” said Derrick Teal.

Teal is a content development manager at BNP Media and is working on the inaugural AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo, to be held April 30 through May 2 in Rosemont, Illinois, at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center.

“There is a way for technology to effect better buildings, and that’s one of the things we wanted to do with BuildTech, is to bring that technology to the forefront and show people how they can then implement these new technologies … in their projects and their businesses, to create better buildings,” he said. “Everything is being affected by technology — hence the name BuildTech.”

The trade show is intentionally multidisciplinary, and that’s what makes it stand out.

“One of our publishers had an idea that our audiences weren’t being entirely served, so we had our ClearSeas media research team look into it … they asked what was missing in the industry,” Teal said.

The research came back that every area that BNP covers — plumbing, HVACR, mechanical, architecture, general contracting, flooring — wanted to do more with technology. They wanted to do more with products.

“It’s making the process more integrated: involving every stakeholder as soon as possible, creating a more streamlined process that is more cost effective for the owner and better off for the building in general,” Teal said.

Teal expects the show to introduce contractors to new technologies, introduce them to other players in the building arena to get their next job, and introduce them to people who have put technology to use in their products — without having to go through all the same trials and difficulties as early adopters have gone through.

“The speakers and sessions are great because the HVAC contractor audience will surely learn a lot about a multitude of topics,” said Kyle Gargaro, editorial director of The NEWS. “The industry is changing so fast that it is important for contractors to see what is new. It is also a great time to build relationships.

“Training and education is always important,” he continued. “But as we all know, contractors get most excited about new products and technology, and that is where the trade show comes in. A diverse group of manufacturers will be showcasing cutting-edge technology that the contractor can go back and sell to their customers.”

Aquatherm will be exhibiting the heat fusion process that is essential to the success of its polypropylene piping systems, specifically as it relates to heating and cooling applications in mixed use, such as hotels and schools.

“Since our pipe is hydrophobic, it will never corrode or scale, and will last much longer than metal pipe, with a 50-year life expectancy,” said Barry Campbell, vice president of marketing, Aquatherm. “Commercial contractors and their customers can realize extensive total installed cost savings versus metal because Aquatherm is considerably lighter, and heat fusing large diameter pipe can be significantly faster than welding.”

He’s also looking forward to connecting with contractors, engineers, and facility owners/managers who are involved with piping applications.

Allied Air Enterprises is partnering with Chicago distributor G.W. Berkheimer to exhibit the new 11 EER M-Series™ Magic-Pak® unit, a single packaged vertical heating and cooling unit.

“For contractors, the benefit of using Magic-Pak in multifamily projects is the consistency and simplicity the unit provides,” said Samantha Walker, marketing specialist for Magic-Pak. “This allows contractors to save time and money during installation. Magic Pak is a packaged system designed for plug-and-play installation. This allows contractors to be more competitive on every bid because they don’t need as much time for installation.”

Fujitsu General America will be introducing its newest Airstage VRF heat pump product, the J-IIIL in 6-, 8-, and 10-ton capacities. This model has a more compact footprint, allowing for greater application opportunities for contractors, engineers, and architects where installation space may be limited, and can be easily adapted to a variety of building types where a heat pump is the best choice.

“Because a common VRF and mini split application question is what to do about code required fresh air, in 2019, Fujitsu has supplemented our Ventacity Ultra High Efficiency HRV/ERV roof-mounted offering with the VS-CM Series indoor above-ceiling model available in cfm ranges from 250 to 1,200,” said Reid Goyert, sales engineer - Midwest region, Fujitsu General America Inc.

While introducing fresh, unconditioned air into the primary HVAC system, this increases the overall cooling and heating Btuh by as much as 30 percent, which increases the capital cost of the system and energy consumption.

“An Ultra High Efficiency HRV/ERV recovers usable energy in the return/exhaust air stream to condition the fresh air for the building,” Goyert said. “This creates a healthy indoor environment and saves energy.”

Fujitsu will also show its new cloud-based control platform called the Smarter Building Controller-100, which allows a contractor, building owner/manager, or engineer to view the performance of their building systems from any smartphone, computer, or tablet with internet connection.

Teal is expecting attendees from architects and engineers to general contractors and tradespeople.

“I want to see people come away with something that they didn’t know before, with the confidence that they can use technology and make their businesses better,” he said. “That’s what BNP is all about: helping people succeed in business with superior information, and I want to see that. And our measure of success is going to be measured by the success of the people who attend the show and how they proceed afterward.”

Publication date: 4/29/2019

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