Company: Enertech Global LLC

Product: Coaxial Single- and Teo-Stage Compant Horizontal Packaged Units

Description: Previous versions of this model line came standard with a braze plate heat exchanger because it provides a lighter unit with higher efficiency. However, braze plate heat exchangers cannot be used in open-loop applications, so the company released this coaxial version in response to feedback from installers and distributors. All cabinet panels are removable for ease of installation and service. The factory-installed desuperheater (hot water generator) allows the capture of free unused heat, which is used to heat domestic water. The stainless steel drain pan won’t rust or corrode, and the condensate overflow sensor guards against clogged condensate drains. It also features field convertible side or end supply air discharge with left or right hand return air.

Contact: 618-664-6070;; eproduct 183

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