FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — ACCA’s members are some of the nation’s top recyclers of mercury-containing thermostats that are included in Thermostat Recycling Corp.’s (TRC) collection efforts.

“We are both pleased and impressed with the ACCA members who demonstrated best practices by removing and safely recycling mercury containing thermostats while on service calls,” said Ryan Kiscaden, executive director, TRC. “This demonstrates that the backbone of our industry, the contractor, is the first line of activity in protecting the environment in the removal of all mercury containing thermostats.”

Through the TRC collection program, ACCA members collected nearly 2,500 mercury containing thermostats.

“ACCA members are highly skilled professionals who are committed to protecting the environment and safely recycling mercury containing thermostats,” said Barton James, interim president & CEO, ACCA. “We also know that thousands of other ACCA members recycle through their local distributors, and we thank them for their efforts as well.”

TRC maintains a network of more than 3,600 collection sites nationwide.

Both Kiscaden and James note that the efforts of HVAC contractors point to their important role in contributing to the environmental stream, far beyond the common perception that their sole occupation is to install or repair mechanical systems. Whether replacing mercury-containing thermostats or ensuring consumers are receiving quality HVAC installations, HVAC contractors are the point people for these efforts.

HVAC wholesalers and hazardous waste collection sites serve as the lynchpin of TRC’s collection efforts. TRC and ACCA have also created a Mercury Thermostat Compliance Policy handbook available for free download that contractors are encouraged to have their employees follow.

The ACCA members who accounted for the highest contributions – more than 50 per year - include: Answer Heating & Cooling Inc., Freeland, Michigan; Burkholder's HVAC, Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Entek Corp., Longview, Washington; Favret Co., Columbus, Ohio; Halco Heating. & Energy, Phelps, New York; Homer Nine and Sons, Beaver, Pennsylvania; Homeserve USA Energy Services, Staten Island, New York; Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning, Rochester, New York; Morrison Inc., Marietta, Ohio; Peters Heating & A/C, Quincy, Illinois; Robie's Heating & Plumbing, Hyannis, Massachusetts; and Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Minneapolis.

“The relationship between TRC and ACCA members demonstrates what happens when there is an exceptional degree of cooperation between two organizations that are aligned to meet a common goal that benefits the consumer and safeguards the environment,” said Kiscaden.

Publication date: 01/24/19