Company: Adey® Professional Heating Solutions

Product: MagnaClean™ DRX

Description: Considered a budget-friendly option for eliminating iron oxide sludge in hydronic heating systems, the unit removes debris and black iron oxide sludge from commercial hydronic heating systems. Compactly designed, it allows for in-line installation or side stream in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. The unit consists of an external magnetic belt, containing dozens of high-performing neodymium magnets, wrapped around a precision-engineered, stainless-steel canister. As system water passes through the canister, iron oxide is captured by the intense magnetic field. Magnets remain outside the flow, so there are no internal sleeves or components that must be removed and individually cleaned. Available for multiple pipe dimensions, including 2-inch with 48 magnets, 3-inch with 64 magnets, and 4-inch with 80 magnets. Each filter comes supplied with full-flange gaskets for robust sealing at high temperatures. Weighing 11 to 18 pounds, all three models can be installed by a single mechanic and are suitable for mechanical rooms where space is limited.

Contact: 844-378-0442;; eProduct 181

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