MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — U.S. Congressman Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, visited sheet metal manufacturer Heating and Cooling Products (HCP), a HARDI member, to talk to business leadership and factory workers.

“I’m a business guy — I was in business for three decades” said Renacci. “This state has been good to me, and I want to be able to give back.”

Renacci is running for Governor of Ohio in 2018. On leaving Congress after four terms in the House, he said, “They tell me you could be a member of Congress forever. That’s one of the problems, folks. We have too many career politicians down there. What I have found over the past seven years is, if we continue to send the same career politicians to Washington, we’re going to get the same thing, which is career political ideals — it’s people wanting to be re-elected, so they’ll do what’s necessary to be re-elected.”

Speaking to a crowd of mostly Sheet Metal, Air, Rail & Transportation (SMART) Union workers, Renacci fielded any and all questions.

“Most people feel like they don’t really have a voice when it comes to politics,” said HCP President, Brian Blaushild. “This was a great opportunity for all of us to make our voices be heard, and we thank Congressman Renacci for coming out to our plant to listen.”

Topics covered a range of issues including the state of the Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement, Medicaid expansion, and the unsustainable budgetary costs associated. Renacci also gave answers to questions specific to Ohio, which touched on the lack of job creation, the critical state of the opioid epidemic, encouraging high school students toward the trades, and his opposition to Common Core.

“I’ve been endorsed by both the Teamsters and the Tea Party, which means I’m a good listener willing to put ideas together,” said Renacci. “I decided Ohio cannot wait any longer. There are career politicians that are running for governor, and I decided to come back because of that.”

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Publication date: 8/1/2017