US Air Conditioning Distributors recently announced the opening of the 47th store in Van Nuys, California. The new location boasts a large showroom and plenty of room to stock an ample supply of products with a total of 14,600 square feet of space and two warehouses behind the showroom.

With an accessible and convenient location, the store will serve HVAC contractors in the greater Los Angeles area. Parking and loading space is available.

The store’s debut was at an open house, which took place on April 3, 2017. The grand opening celebration was open to licensed C-20 contractors and other HVAC professionals. Reps from Venstar, QuietCool, Diversitech, Yellow Jacket, hilmor, and MMF Inc. were in attendance to show off the latest and greatest of their product lines to the contractors in attendance.

Jack Scarsi, the director of operations and finance, said, “It’s always great to open up another location, but it doesn’t come without its risks. You wonder if the store is going to be successful, and you do your best to make sure the new team has the same commitment to excellent customer service that our other 46 stores have.”

It seems Scarsi doesn’t have much to worry about because the Van Nuys branch is already performing incredibly well just three months after opening. The store’s operations have run smoothly without any major hiccups. Branch Manager, Sergio Villegas, said, “The thing I am most excited about is working on a brand new location and building it from the ground up. I am very much looking forward to making the store a big success.”

Sergio is relatively new to the US Air Conditioning Distributors family, starting in September of 2016, but he is no stranger to the HVAC world. He got started in the industry almost 38 years ago in 1979.  He originally worked at their Burbank location and has stepped up to take on this new challenge in Van Nuys.

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Publication date: 7/21/17