The Coleman® brand of Johnson Controls introduced Coleman Echelon Variable Capacity Residential Systems. In addition to variable capacity technology, the systems feature built-in advanced charge monitoring technology for faster, more accurate installation and maintenance.

Inverter-driven, variable capacity technology takes advantage of constantly changing conditions in a home to slow down or speed up system operation, depending on current conditions and load requirements. In this way, the technology helps maximize comfort while minimizing energy consumption and contributing to ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient ratings for the system’s up to 20 SEER AC21 air conditioners and HC20 heat pumps.

Efficiency is further enhanced by matched and communicating indoor equipment, coils and air handlers seamlessly integrated with the Wi-Fi®-enabled Coleman Echelon Hx Thermostat. The touch-screen thermostat allows homeowners to precisely control and monitor their home comfort systems anywhere they have internet access. Contractors also benefit from communicating indoor and outdoor units that enable a self-monitoring feature that allows a contractor to quickly identify and diagnose both potential or immediate system issues and minimize interruptions to comfort.

Charge View monitoring on air conditioners and heat pumps helps ensure that units are charged correctly when installed without attaching any gauges, sensors or accessories to the unit. For more information, visit