Arc Suppression Technologies Inc., Minneapolis, has introduced a universal NOsparc® arc suppressor capable of protecting a broad range of motors from single phasing – a destructive phenomenon that costs users billions of dollars in replacement contactors and motors. Single phasing often occurs in an electric motor when one pair of points on its power contactor fails because of the destructive arcing that takes place each time these points open or close. Once single phasing occurs, the motor will often run continuously, overheat, and fail. The new, universal NOsparc GGXAC arc suppressor is designed for AC power applications that operate between 110V and 480V, and have a maximum allowable current of 235A (rms). Millions of such motors are operating in the world today, including semi-hermetic compressors for refrigeration, scroll compressors for air conditioning, water pumps, heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, automatic doors, CNC and injection molding machines used in manufacturing, and lift gate motors at rail crossings. For more information, visit