EVAPCO, Inc. launched the eco-LSWE and eco-LRWB series of closed circuit coolers. Featuring both EVAPCO’s state-of-the-art Ellipti-fin™ spirally-finned coil and CROSSCOOL™ internal tube enhancement, the eco-LSWE and eco-LRWB are energy and water efficient forced draft coolers.

Ideal for indoor applications, confined layouts, low height, and low-sound requirements, both models can replace existing forced draft equipment of the same box size and fan motor horsepower and provide up to an additional 30 percent in evaporative thermal capacity. Due to this increase in capacity, the footprint, height and horsepower can be reduced for the same load. Furthermore, the finned Ellipti-fin coil allows for dry operation at higher ambient conditions, saving water when only the fans are required for sensible cooling.

Featuring forced draft centrifugal fan designs, the eco-LSWE and eco-LRWB satisfy a wide range of applications. The centrifugal fans operate at very low sound levels, which makes both units suitable for installations with external static pressure where noise is a concern.

For more information, visit www.EVAPCO.com.