As we head into the heart of the busy summer season, I can say with a “high degree” of certainty that this is the busiest year I’ve had in a while. So far, I’ve attended three Focus Conferences, the Congressional Fly-In, and a handful of other important industry events and made multiple visits to HARDI headquarters.

While busy, it’s been exciting, and the part I enjoy most has been meeting and networking with the many HARDI members I’ve spent time with. I’ve gotten the opportunity to hear so many different perspectives on how each member maximizes his or her HARDI memberships. From networking to educational resources, it’s really shown me how far we’ve come in adding value for members. I can also confidently add that the HARDI staff is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways the association can benefit its members.

I’d like to give a special mention to the HARDI Education team, led by Vice President of Professional & Program Development Emily Saving. They have done a remarkable job of enhancing everything under the Education pillar, and I’d like to thank them for all of their hard work. It’s paying off for the Meier Supply team as well as all the other companies taking advantage of their valuable training resources.

I hope to do my part to benefit members by serving as a mentor next month at the Emerging Leaders Summer Conference in Chicago. I’m honored to be included in this group to share our knowledge with these ambitious young individuals. Many of them are our inspiring millennial members — they’re engaged in their business and eager to learn.

If you’re not an Emerging Leader, perhaps you’re a current leader. If you are, consider joining us in Newport, Rhode Island, this Oct. 2 - 4 for the Strategic Leadership Conference. Executives from HVACR distributors around the country will come together to learn how best to guide our companies in the coming years. At every event I’ve attended, members have remarked to me that the level of content has been exceptional, and I know this conference will be no different.

With my term as HARDI president halfway over, I’m happy to announce that the Congressional Fly-In had record attendance. It’s encouraging to see so many of us taking an important interest in engaging with our elected officials. I hope this interest in our regulatory affairs persists through the election year.

As a final note and in the interest of circling back to the “new and exciting” theme, I’m happy to announce my recent promotion to grandfather as of May 19. Three cheers for my first grandchild, Camillo James!


Until next time,
Michael Meier