10-products_bodyimage_6.jpgThe Validatar system is a compact electronic device containing a configurable set of modules that measure, monitor, and record HVAC system performance as well as related equipment. One module of this system, the low-voltage monitor, accepts signals from 0-5 V, 4-20 mA, thermistors, RTDs, and switch position sensors via internal, electrically isolated circuits. As many as 10 signals can be measured and stored at once.

The Validatar system addresses high voltage issues with a separate monitor that measures 500-V, three-phase and single-phase power signals together with the currents for each phase. It computes everything: peak, minimum and average volts and currents for each phase, kVA, power factor, actual power, kWh and also reports phase imbalance events for both voltage and current.

HVAC system performance can be measured and logged hands-free anywhere from a few hours up to a month. Once the service technician is satisfied that the necessary monitoring interval has been achieved, performance data is then offloaded from removable memory via either thumb drive, flash memory stick, or Modbus.

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