The four-channel HOBO UX120 Thermocouple Logger from Onset is a four-channel LCD data logger for measuring and recording temperature in a broad range of monitoring applications. The compact unit combines a full-featured, deployment-friendly LCD display and flexible support for a variety of plug-in thermocouple probes.Thermocouple Data Logger

According to the company, the new logger makes it easy and convenient to record temperatures over a broad range — -260° to 1,820°C — and can accept up to four J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N type probes.

The logger also features a large memory capacity capable of storing 1.9 million measurements. Firmware is user upgradeable. Once data has been recorded with the HOBO UX120 Thermocouple Logger, it can be viewed in graph form and analyzed using Onset’s HOBOware Pro software. The software also features a Bulk Export tool that allows users to export data files to text format for use in spreadsheets.

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