SANDY HOOK, Ct. —Johnstone Supply Inc. and DDI System LLC have signed a letter of intent on the transfer of Johnstone Supply’s Data Services subsidiary including their DSPro distribution software to DDI System LLC creating a new DDI-DSPro division.

“DDI has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC and PHCP industries making our information software and company culture the perfect fit for Johnstone member wholesalers,” said Adam Waller, president and founder of DDI System. “DDI’s information software will seamlessly integrate with Johnstone Corporate and deliver a comprehensive and streamlined solution to run their entire business operations.”

DDI System has over 650 clients and 8,000 users in North America, and it’s HVAC and PHCP feature set continuously grows. According to DDI, the company’s customer care model was a deciding factor in Johnstone Supply’s final decision of moving forward with DDI. 

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