CRANSTON, R.I. - Taco Inc. recently received a "Vendor of the Year" award from national HVAC wholesaler Sid Harvey's. 

Sid Harvey, CEO,  John Rynecki, senior vice president of sales and marketing, and Rich Carbonaro, VP of purchasing for Sid Harvey's, presented the award to Taco's CEO and president Johnny White during a recent visit to Taco. 

"We give these awards on rare occasion, based purely on merit," said Rynecki. "We routinely deal with more than 300 manufacturers, and it's quite special when one company exceeds our expectations based on many variables.  It's not like a cookie cutter evaluation process.  Rather, the award is the sum of many experiences, including Taco's consistent innovation, product design and quality, attention to details; even the rep firms they choose. This recognition  resembles a lifetime achievement award more than it does a typical vendor of the year award.

"Taco sets the bar high, and then exceeds that level," added Rynecki. "We continuously evaluate and rate the companies whose products we sell. Fortunately, and not by accident, most of them share membership in a group that represents the industry well.  And, occasionally, one firm rises uniquely above the rest." 

Presentation of the award coincided with Sid Harvey's annual sales management conference, training sessions, and a factory tour hosted by Taco's Ken Anderson, VP, Northeast regional sales, residential. 

"As always, we were very nicely surprised with our visit to Taco. Taco's staff and employees do everything they can to make our experience a good one, and the facilities are amazing," said Rynecki. "We had one of the best sales management conferences, ever.  The level of support was over the top."