The Industry Data Exchange (IDX) is a platform for electronic document exchange to automate order management and eliminate errors. IDX enables the exchange of business-to-business eCommerce documents with trading partners faster, easier, and more securely in comparison to traditional Value Added Networks (VANs) or paper-based methods, claims the company. Users can communicate using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDIFACT, Flat Files, XML, binary, and graphic file types and utilize in-network translation to send files in one format and enable receipt in another. Additional features include an online document tracker, document reprocessing, flexible document viewing, non-EDI compatibility, and data archiving. IDX is also highly secure, with multiple layers of security, authorization protocols, and disaster recovery. According to the company, only a computer and Internet connection is required to start conducting eBusiness quickly and affordably in as little as two days. Product demos are available online.

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