Name: Dennis Allen

Title: Service Manager

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Dennis Allen, or just “Allen” as he is called at Carolina Comfort Air, Clayton, North Carolina, entered the HVACR industry more than 20 years ago.

“A friend of mine said let’s re-enlist in the Marine Corps and become refrigeration techs,” said Allen. “At that time, you’re young and don’t plan on it being a for sure thing, but I always enjoyed what I did. You’re told where to go, but it’s up to you to do the job the best way you can, and that is the way I do it. I entered the industry as a civilian in 1995.”

Carolina Comfort acquired Allen’s former employer, which is how he ended up with the company. His superior skill set was quickly recognized, and Carolina Comfort was thrilled to have gained such a hardworking employee.

“Allen is 61 years old, and I would put him against any tech years younger than him,” said Carol Grooms, service manager, Carolina Comfort Air. “He runs service calls, diagnostics, installs, performs maintenance, and works on call.”

Allen likes that his company provides a family-oriented environment where he is valued and supported. It’s more than just a paycheck for him.

“I think my company is a very good company; they back their employees, work with them — it’s just a family-first environment,” said Allen. “But we all know we have to make money to survive, and they are there for you. It’s not just about what [the owners] need, though — it’s about all of us. It’s known they are there to help you out as long as you do your job and earn it.”

It’s this family-oriented environment that has Allen thriving at Carolina Comfort Air.

“Allen once said to me that he is a company man, and that stuck with me,” said Grooms. “Most people today go to work to get a paycheck and go home. Allen is not that person. He cares for the company, his fellow team members, and the client.”

This is further evidenced in the way he trains up-and-coming technicians.

“Once, Allen took it upon himself to come in and help train when it was his weekend off without being asked,” said Grooms. “Furthermore, he has trained three young men who had no heating and air experience to become on-call service techs in a short period of time. Allen coaches and teaches them the customer service and soft skills as well as the technical side.

“Being a stand-up guy is one of the things that stands out in my mind,” Grooms continued. “His willingness to go above and beyond to help someone else is beyond compare.”

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