Texas companies Airtime 500 and Perfect Technician Academy are working together to offer aid and assistance to the approximately 300 Veterans affected by the abrupt closure of the Retail Ready Career Center in Garland last week.  Students affected by this closure can go to hvacvets.com to begin the aid process.

Retail Ready was closed following an FBI raid for still-unknown causes.  The students were pulled from class and returned the next day to be told by the school president that the federal agents were only "looking for information."  He attributed the problem to the high percentage of veterans--98 percent of more than 300 students--in the student body.  The next day, the students were told to pack their things, that the school was officially closed.

Davin Marceau, VP of Operations at Airtime 500, said in a statement:

"As an Army Veteran, I have a vested interest in taking care of my fellow service men and women, as does Airtime as a whole.  For us, it was a no-brainer to pair with Perfect Tech to address this issue."

"First, we get to take care of Veterans.  They cannot control their current situation.  They've honorably served their country and were working towards their next opportunity.  The least we can do is tap into our vast network of HVAC companies and provide them the opportunity they so rightly deserve."

"Second, it addresses the shortage of skilled technicians.  Our member companies are always looking for trained, dedicated technicians.  This provides us with the opportunity to pair them together," Marceau said.

Brett Hobson of Perfect Technician Academy had this to say to these former students, to reassure them about their choice to attend HVAC school:

"You made the right career move. I don't know what happened at the school but we're going to do everything we can to get you where you thought you were going to be," Hobson said.

Veterans affected by the Retail Ready Career Center closure should go to hvacvets.com to begin the assistance process.

Publication date: 11/24/2017

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