Company: Noark Electric Co. Ltd

Product: UL 489 B1NQ

Description: The UL 489 B1NQ miniature circuit breaker is a direct replacement for the common miniature circuit board (MCB) when paired with the optional surface mount. This recyclable, quick-connect breaker is available in three curves (B, C, and D), ranges from 0.5-63 A and is compliant with UL/CSA/IEC standards for branch circuit protection in commercial and residential applications. The surface mount is an exact match to the existing bolt hole pattern of common, competing MCBs and requires no additional drilling. With the surface mount in place, the B1NQ can be removed in as little as 7 seconds. Installation takes seconds and simply requires placing the B1NQ onto the surface mount and clicking into place. Quick removal is possible by pulling down the clips with a standard screwdriver.

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