Company: Cleaver-Brooks

Product: ClearFire®-CE (CFC-E)

Description: The ClearFire-CE (CFC-E) condensing boiler can achieve up to 99 percent efficiency due to its enhanced AluFer® firetube heat exchanger and dual temperature returns. When utilized, dual temperature returns increase condensing in a hot water boiler. The dual-return feature also offers system engineering flexibility for efficient integration into any building design. Another design aspect that makes the CFC-E easy to engineer is its large-water-volume pressure vessel with low pressure drop. This type of design eliminates flow restrictions and reduces system-pumping energy. A low-emissions premix burner is built into the CFC-E. The self-regulating, gas valve/venturi system, combined with ECM variable-speed blower technology, delivers true linear modulation control with optimum turndown for hydronic systems.

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