NEW YORK — Fujitsu General America’s New York City “Air Stage,” the company’s Solution Center, is available free-of-charge for professional events and meetings with topics that focus on HVAC, energy, utilities, architecture, urban development, building engineering, and green technology. 

The 1,600-square-foot Air Stage, located at 1450 Broadway, was conceived and designed as a “learning and sharing center” where architects, engineers, building owners, contractors, energy consultants, and HVAC customers can come together to collaborate and share experiences — all with stunning, penthouse views of Times Square and mid-town Manhattan. The Air Stage conference room can be arranged to fit a variety of event formats, from conference meetings with classroom-style seating to guest speaker events. The space can also host professional webinars and other digital presentations relevant to the HVAC market.

“Fujitsu is thrilled to invite our colleagues to share the Air Stage space. We hope for many others to enjoy the benefits of this incredible venue,” said Matt Peterson, Fujitsu General America president and COO. “That’s why we’ve made this an open invitation to strengthen existing relationships and to help establish new ones.” 

Inside the Air Stage, there is a main conference area suitable for both seminar and training events. The space is equipped with an 80-inch touch screen display ideal for presentations, video conferencing, and reviewing project plans.  A spacious, contemporary lounge area is conducive to conversation and casual interaction.

“As my fellow event planners are aware, a Times Square event location is extremely desirable, but also extremely expensive,” said Kimberly Banos, Fujitsu Air Stage, corporate events manager. “I look forward to working with as many organizations as possible to avail this space at no cost.”  

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Publication date: 3/31/2017