LAS VEGAS — Armstrong Fluid Technology discussed several new products and a desire to enter the building performance management sector during an evening press conference that brought the first day of the 2017 AHR Expo to a close.

Neil Cooper, director of global sales enablement, shared the manufacturer’s desire to go from being a provider to a leader by showing continued innovation in today’s connected, real-time world.

“There are a number of drivers pushing us there,” Cooper said. “All stakeholders are counting on the engineer to get the design right, and then contractors come in to accomplish what they can at the lowest price. There’s a disconnect in the way business is done now a days. In this new world, owners and operators care deeply about energy and sustainability. They’re way more active in their decisions and solutions when they enter the workplace. That’s coming from the top down and we want to make sure we’re responding to that trend.”

Armstrong has invested heavily in the development of advanced controls to support energy efficient operation. The company’s been able to incorporate these new feature developments in its new Compass H circulator and design envelope pumps. The Compass H circulator features a Quadratic Sensorless flow control algorithm and auto adjustment that intelligently responds to system demand and operates at the least possible energy.

Cooper concluded the press conference by explaining the company’s use of the theme: “Living Performance.”

“This is about energy, people, and doing the right things,” he said. “Real life intrudes on our plans. The system has a potential and a real-life performance. We’re aiming to achieve real-life performance. We want to utilize insight in real time so that we get true performance. It’s our goal to save energy, the planet, and money all while taking care of tenants’ comfort and safety.”

Following the press conference, Armstrong invited stakeholders to Todd’s English Pub, where attendees enjoyed comfort foods, such as mac and cheese, and a live-action virtual reality booth.

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