LAS VEGAS — Touted as a top-secret announcement for weeks, Rehau revealed the goods Monday morning with the introduction of its EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system. The unit, which is built for use in hot and cold water potable piping systems and hydronic piping systems including radiant heating and cooling applications, is designed specifically for use with REHAU PEXa pipe.

The fitting system includes a polymer and lead-free brass fittings and a battery-powered tool.

Mike Dietrich, vice president, building solutions, Rehau, said the product satisfies an existing need in the market.

“There was a hunger and a thirst for this fitting system,” he said. “Speed is very important. Control is also important. We refer to it as 360-degree connection control. We want to establish a consistent connection every single time, and we want to master it quickly. Finally, security is important. We do not want leaks. We want to walk away from a job site with peace of mind. That’s what we accomplished and that is what we’ve brought here today in the EVERLOC+.”

John Bittenbender, engineering manager, said the tool was created with simplicity in mind.

“We really wanted to make this a straight-forward, simple technique for all size ranges for our installers,” he said. “There is a lot of variability out there and we wanted to eliminate as much of that as possible.”

EVERLOC+ in sizes up to 1 inch will be available at distributors in the U.S. and Canada beginning in March. A large diameter program in 1 ¼- to 2-inch sizes will be available in July.

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