Company: Milwaukee Tool

Product: M18™ Transfer Pump

Description: Completely self-priming, this transfer pump is designed with a flexible impeller that, once turned on, starts pumping water instantly from inlet to outlet without the need for additional priming assistance from the user. At 480 gallons per hour, the pump can rapidly move water from one area to another. Its flexible impeller helps create a powerful pressure difference that can produce an 18-foot lift. Paired with a head height of 75 feet, the product can be used in a variety of applications. Equipped with REDLINK™ Intelligence, the product switches off when the application is complete, which protects the unit against dry pumping. This function helps to protect the motor, maximizes the life of the tool, and allows users to conduct other work-related tasks without having to worry about damaging the tool.

Contact: 800-729-3878;

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