Company: Howden American Fan Co.

Product: AF Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers

Description: The product is ideal for supplying fresh air in fume-control systems and is also a good choice for fans used in dust-collection systems; air-purification units; woodworking machinery; and combustion air for incinerators, ovens, furnaces, kilns, and dryers. It is available in radial-bladed, backward-curved, and forward-curved models. The radial blade design enables some particulate in the airstream, which opens up the product’s application range. The backward-curved model is the most efficient option, as it includes a smaller fan and motor. The line includes a range of accessories, including flanges, slip connections, inlet/outlet screens, full cut-off dampers, drains, and vibration isolators. A fabricated steel construction is available for high-temperature applications up to 700°F.

Contact: 866-771-6266;

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