BOSTON — The Qualcomm Smart Campus in San Diego is adding smart digital sensing technology from Current, powered by GE. GE and Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., announced that Current’s sensors, microservices, and intelligent LED infrastructure will help drive more energy efficiency and operational savings for Qualcomm’s Smart Campus, supporting the company’s intelligent environments showcase for visiting customers.

As part of the deployment, Current’s sensors will detect and analyze building occupancy levels to help control lighting and HVAC in real-time, with the goal of driving down energy costs. Air quality sensors for temperature, humidity, and CO2 will work in concert with ventilation systems to ensure optimal temperature and environmental conditions based on building occupancy, to enhance the comfort and productivity of occupants. In order to support Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions’ continued efforts to gain more intelligence and further increase efficiencies in its Smart Campus, edge intelligence gateways powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors will support the collection of critical data, while normalizing and filtering for various sensors in real-time. These edge intelligence gateways will also promote seamless communications between various enterprise assets such as lighting, water, energy, and HVAC.

“Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions is pleased to work with Current powered by GE to further enhance its Smart Campus in San Diego and prove how innovative technologies and solutions can be applied and have broader benefits for smart cities,” said Kiva Allgood, vice president, business development, Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions. “This project supports both companies’ efforts to create an Internet of Things in which hundreds of billions of devices and machines intelligently connect to each other and securely make data available to facilities managers, application developers, and system integrators around the world by combining Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions edge intelligent gateway data concentration capabilities with GE’s Predix cloud.”

“This installation is a win not only for Qualcomm Intelligent Solutions and Current, but to businesses of all kinds looking to optimize environments with data-driven insights,” said John Gordon, Current’s chief digital officer. “This installation will be a sandbox for businesses to experience the predictive and prescriptive benefits of digital technology and take back learnings and ideas to build their own intelligent environments.”

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Publication date: 9/26/2016

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