NEW YORK — CytexOne has announced its smart commercial building practice, targeted to commercial buildings, university campuses, and related facilities, to provide energy efficiency, security, and automation for reduced operational expense and heightened intelligence and reporting.

Due to emerging technologies and the need for greater operational efficiency in commercial facilities, smart building research firm Memoori has projected the Internet of Things (IoT) market for commercial buildings to grow 25 percent annually to more than $85 billion in 2020. Buildings, from large skyscrapers to residential multifamily units, present an important opportunity for the emerging collection of technologies and automation known as the Building Internet of Things (BIoT).

To meet this demand, the CytexOne commercial building offering provides services, product integration, and customized applications. Benefits include:

• Increased energy efficiency through holistic control of all building systems.

• Monitoring of valuable assets that may be sensitive to the environment.

• Automation of key building maintenance activities to reduce costs of staff.

• Tech retrofit options leveraging systems already in place while upgrading to BIoT.

CytexOne said it combines technology integration with key business objectives for smarter energy management, system automation, and the optimization and protection of assets in the commercial building space. Solutions are deployed to address energy monitoring and physical security via smartly connected HVAC, intelligent lighting, smart entries, and door locks.

“The BIoT has evolved rapidly from being an interesting concept to a ‘must-have’ business resource in commercial buildings,” said Dan Levine, CEO of CytexOne. “Carefully planned integration is the key, enabling automation, data gathering, and environmental monitoring that positively impacts key operational aspects of commercial buildings. The benefits are substantial and the time is now to future-proof buildings.”

Specific building systems addressed include:

• HVAC systems

• Security and surveillance

• Monitoring of utilities

• Digital signage in lobbies

• Water/plumbing and sprinkler systems

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Publication date: 9/20/2016

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