NEW YORK — EnergyHub, a provider of connected device management for utilities, announced that it is enrolling the Nest Learning Thermostat into its Bring Your Own Thermostat® (BYOT) demand response programs.

BYOT is a customer-centric approach to demand response that allows consumers to buy and install the thermostat of their choice and enroll that thermostat in a utility demand response program.

EnergyHub can now manage the enrollment and dispatch of Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards — a turnkey demand response solution. Rush Hour Rewards manages each thermostat’s temperature to maximize the load reduction while still keeping customers comfortable. With EnergyHub dispatching demand response events to Nest thermostats, utilities can now manage the Rush Hour Rewards program in parallel with other load-shedding devices.

EnergyHub’s Mercury platform is one of the most widely deployed BYOT platforms for utilities. Combining data-driven demand response capability with a customer enrollment portal designed specifically for onboarding BYOT customers, Mercury includes all the tools necessary for a utility to rapidly start a demand response program.

The Nest thermostat offers a range of features that help customers stay comfortable while managing home energy consumption. It remembers what temperatures customers like, creates a custom schedule for the home, and turns itself down when everyone is away. Nest has been shown by independent research to save customers, on average, about 10 to 12 percent on their heating bills and about 15 percent on their cooling bills.

“Nest’s commitment to offering innovative solutions for energy management is a great fit with our own approach to demand response,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, co-founder and president of EnergyHub. “We’re excited to add Nest as a BYOT partner to provide our utility customers with a great demand response asset — and to help them offer their customers a new way to manage home energy consumption.”

“Our goal at Nest is to help customers stay comfortable and address home energy consumption,” said Ben Bixby, director of energy and enterprise business at Nest. “By working with EnergyHub, we’re able to offer more Nest customers the opportunity to participate in utility demand response programs, getting greater value out of the Nest Learning Thermostat.”

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Publication date: 5/24/2016

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