LOUISVILLE, Ky. — American Air Filter Co. Inc., d/b/a AAF International, announced it has acquired Flanders Holdings LLC, a leading air filter manufacturer in the U.S. With this acquisition, Flanders will be integrated into AAF, with the combination creating the largest air filter company of its type in the North American and global air filtration markets, said AAF.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the air filtration industry right now. Almost everything we frequently take for granted in our modern world, including safe food, effective medicines, consumer electronics, the buildings we live and work in, even the cars we drive, all of these things create demand for high-performance air filtration,” said Philip Whitaker, AAF International’s chief executive officer.

“Our new company, doing business as AAF Flanders, will offer the most complete spectrum of air filtration products, ranging from furnace filters for homes, all the way up to high-tech filtration housings used by the most sophisticated of manufacturing operations,” Whitaker continued. “We will be perfectly positioned to meet these growing demands for clean air.”

He added, “This acquisition, our third in the last year, represents just another step in our journey to get closer to our customers and to satisfy all of their air filtration needs. Although this is our largest deal by far, it certainly won’t be our last. We are committed to becoming the clear leader in our industry, not just in North America but also globally.”

Founded in 1950, Flanders designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes air filters and related products utilized by many industries, including commercial and residential HVAC, semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure materials, chemical, biological, radiological and material processing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, synthetics, nuclear power, and nuclear materials processing.

AAF, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has more than 3,000 employees, 22 manufacturing facilities, and five R&D centers worldwide. AAF designs, develops, and manufactures air filtration solutions for commercial, industrial, cleanroom, transportation, and nuclear power applications.

For more information, visit www.aafintl.com.

Publication date: 5/16/2016

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