The Q-Sync Smart Synchronous Motor represents a new class of energy efficient motors that are designed to reduce energy consumption while improving the power quality and reliability of fan motors, according to the manufacturer, QM Power. The motors are designed to provide businesses and OEMs with significant energy savings retrofit opportunities for the same cost as legacy fan motors. Q-Sync is currently available for refrigeration applications and the manufacturer plans to expand into additional markets in 2016.

A smart controller with streamlined electronics is at the core of QM Power’s design for Q-Sync. Unlike an electronically commutated motor (ECM), which requires continual conversion between AC and DC power throughout its use to operate, Q-Sync’s controller eliminates the need for power conversion after the motor starts. Q-Sync’s electronics quickly get the motor to its targeted speed, and then efficiently shift the motor to AC power supplied directly from the grid. Because Q-Sync is a permanent magnet motor, it eliminates the additional energy requirements and slip associated with a shaded-pole motor. The result, according to QM Power, is a motor that provides up to an 80 percent reduction of energy at the meter as well as an 80 percent reduction at the grid.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has named Q-Sync a “High-Impact Technology.” For more information, visit