TORONTO — Wyse Meter Solutions and Certified Building Systems (CBS) have announced a strategic partnership to give condominium owners more control over utility expenses. Wyse and CBS said they will integrate their capabilities in energy management, creating opportunities to reduce energy use by 25-to-40 percent, reduce monthly costs, and increase property values.

The partnership leverages the strengths of each company: Wyse’s submetering and utility expense management solutions combined with CBS’s 40 years of experience in engineering, HVAC and mechanical services, and energy management, supported by relationships with hundreds of condominium corporations.

As a result of this partnership, the companies said customers will be able to reduce risk, make better decisions, and transform the way energy is managed and budgeted. Wyse and CBS said utility data is a comprehensive tool that can drive complete building services, from HVAC maintenance to energy retrofits to utility bill credits.

“CBS has extensive experience in and knowledge of the condominium sector. We are confident that our collaboration will significantly expand the number of clients benefitting from Wyse’s submetering and utility expense management solutions,” said Vince Brescia, president, Wyse Meter Solutions.

“This new and exciting partnership with Wyse Meter Solutions will solidify the energy management services both Wyse and CBS are currently offering our clients. In merging our service areas of expertise it will enable our clients to receive more industry knowledge contributing to their bottom line,” said Vipul Desai, president, Certified Building Systems.

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Publication date: 10/5/2015

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