BOSTON and ARLINGTON, Va. — EnerNOC Inc., a provider of energy intelligence software (EIS), and GridPoint, a supplier of data-driven energy management systems (EMS), have announced a partnership that they said will offer the commercial market a more comprehensive energy management solution. With this joint solution, EnerNOC will be able to provide its customers with more cost-effective, granular submetering and monitoring capabilities, and further automate energy reduction plans. GridPoint customers will be able to leverage EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software to buy energy at the best possible rate, manage utility bills, optimize consumption, streamline reporting, participate in additional demand response programs, and proactively manage peak demand.

“The core technologies of EnerNOC and GridPoint complement each other in a way that gives both companies the ability to help customers cost-effectively and intelligently manage their energy spend,” said Todd Raba, president and CEO of GridPoint. “Through this partnership, we can bring EnerNOC’s and GridPoint’s cloud-based energy management software to a wider variety of customers who will benefit from the combined strength of both companies.”

“Our collaboration with GridPoint pairs two industry-leading solutions to deliver a comprehensive enterprise platform for energy expense management, while at the same time reducing customer set-up costs and allowing us to serve new market segments,” said Tim Healy, chairman and CEO of EnerNOC.

The companies said their integrated offering allows enterprises to lower their energy bills by collecting and analyzing site data to intelligently control critical building systems without sacrificing occupant comfort. It also combines energy cost information and portfolio-level analytics from EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software with GridPoint’s equipment-level control and submetering data, establishing a comprehensive enterprise platform for energy management.

The initial focus for the partnership is to increase both companies’ addressable markets by enhancing penetration in verticals where energy is a major operational cost across large portfolios of sites, such as multi-site retail and food service. As part of this partnership, EnerNOC will be able to offer its energy intelligence software to new segments, and GridPoint will be able to offer a broader solution with new capabilities.

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Publication date: 3/30/2015