TUCSON, Ariz. — Increasing energy bills have spurred homeowners and businesses to search for cost effective ways to improve the efficiency of their existing HVAC systems. With the new GreenFan® device, offered by Super Cool Energy Solutions in Arizona, homeowners and businesses can save up to 15 percent on their electric bill with minimal investment, said the company.

The GreenFan device increases the efficiency of the HVAC system by running the indoor fan for a period of time after the heating or cooling cycle. This ensures that any air that was heated or cooled is actually delivered into the space and is not left in the system.

The device is the outcome of research done by the California Energy Commission looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce the amount of energy needed to be produced by utilities. The device is patented, UL listed, and manufactured in the U.S. GreenFan works with all types of thermostats. The only requirement is that the thermostat must have a fan switch. No maintenance is required and GreenFan uses no batteries.

GreenFan can be used in residential and commercial applications. In residential applications the unit can be installed in the thermostat and then disconnected and reinstalled should the occupant relocate. In commercial applications the device can be installed on each thermostat providing savings in each zone.

The device can normally be installed at a cost below $200, making it a cost effective solution to save energy and reduce high energy bills. Studies by Southern California Edison and PG&E have shown that energy efficiencies can increase by 10-29 percent with GreenFan. With a $300 cooling bill during the summer, savings from $30 to $87 per month can be achieved.

Super Cool Energy Solutions is bringing GreenFan to Arizona homeowners and businesses. Local installers include Palace Cooling & Heating at 520-262-9827 and ChasRoberts at 520-339-6811. For more information, visit www.supercoolenergy.com.

Publication date: 3/30/2015

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