Tjernlund Products Inc.: Air-transfer SystemThe balance booster system is designed to pump cool the basement air of a home through a duct to the hot upper level during the cooling season and warm upper-level air down to chilly basements in the winter. The heart of the system is Tjernlund’s Balance Booster™ Reversible Transfer Fan consisting of a high-performance fan and Easy Flip™ chassis that are installed in line with the duct. The system requires installation of owner-supplied 4-inch metal or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) duct from the basement to the upper level through an existing chase, backs of closets, framed and dry-walled corners, exterior chases, or other between-floor passageways. The special chassis permits airflow direction to be changed seasonally in a matter of seconds. The fan can be activated with a wireless remote from anywhere in the home.

Tjernlund Products Inc.

eProduct 188 

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