NEW YORK — Echo Barrier USA announced that it solved a critical noise challenge for Aggreko, a leader in temporary power and temperature control. The firm’s acoustic barriers mitigated excessive noise coming from an Aggreko air conditioning unit that threatened the success of an event with the president of the United States (POTUS) in Washington, District of Columbia.

A loud A/C unit at this event would need to be located directly against a white tent where high-level speeches would take place. Echo Barrier custom designed white barriers to absorb the noise from the unit and match the color of the tent.

According to the company, traditional sound blankets are cumbersome, unsightly, and ineffective, and would have added a visual distraction and continued the noise disturbance by reflecting sound waves from the A/C unit into the event space. Daryl Benz, area event manager for the North America-Northeast Area at Aggreko, said, “When Echo Barriers were presented to us and installed at a POTUS event, it was a relief to have finally found a solution to the noise challenges we faced with our A/C units up against a tent. The barriers are lightweight, flexible, easy to install, and most of all, effective in significantly reducing noise. I am pleased with the results that Echo Barriers have delivered and now use them at all Aggreko events that might have a noise challenge for the client.”

Peter Wilson, technical director at Echo Barrier, said, “HVAC units, power generators, chillers, and fans can produce an overbearing level of noise that can significantly distract nearby individuals from the task at hand. Many people suffer from this type of noise and accept it as an inevitable part of life, unaware that there is a practical solution out there. Echo Barrier is committed to providing relief.”

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Publication date: 1/19/2015