Ashcroft Inc.: Handheld CalibratorThe Heise® PTE-2 handheld calibrator includes a USB port with a serial interface, SD card, backlit LCD, and an onboard loop power supply. Its design incorporates a keypad and large LCD display, each facilitating product configuration or field calibration. The unit’s dual module bay allows for up to two interchangeable sensor modules for use in measuring pressure and temperature, while the accompanying test jacks provide for current and voltage input measurement. Temperature measurements require resistance temperature detectors or a thermocouple interface module. Additionally, the PTE-2 can simultaneously display two pressure readings along with one electronic reading. Each module is completely interchangeable, so a single PTE-2 can be used on a host of applications. The PTE-2 also features a 180-degree flip screen, programmable data intervals, and variable dampening, and it operates on four AA batteries or a USB universal AC adapter.

Ashcroft Inc.

eProduct 184

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