MALTA, N.Y. — The Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI) has announced that BPI-1100-T-2014: Home Energy Auditing Standard has been published as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard.

The Home Energy Auditing Standard defines the requirements for a building science-based evaluation, or audit, of existing detached single-family dwellings and townhouses that meet specific criteria detailed in the scope of the standard.

“ANSI/BPI-1100 is the core of what energy auditors and building analysts do,” said Larry Zarker, BPI CEO. “This standard provides auditors, contractors, and energy efficiency programs throughout the country with a consistent point of reference on how to conduct home energy audits. ANSI/BPI-1100 reflects best practices in energy auditing, developed by subject matter experts with literally hundreds of industry stakeholders contributing through an extensive public comment process.”

ANSI/BPI-1100 defines the ‘what’ of the home energy auditing process. Its companion standard, ANSI BSR/BPI-1200-S-201x Standard Practice for Basic Analysis of Buildings, currently under ANSI review, defines ‘how’ to conduct the energy audit.

The audit addresses energy usage and limited aspects of building durability and occupant health and safety, provides a comprehensive scope of work to improve the home, and includes a cost-benefit analysis. An assessment performed in accordance with the Home Energy Auditing Standard will gather all necessary data required to develop an asset rating using the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Home Energy Score.

BPI’s Energy Auditor (EA) certification exam currently references the BPI-1100-T-2012 version of the Home Energy Auditing standard, as well as BPI’s Building Analyst Standard. The updated ANSI/BPI-1100 standard will not change EA exam content because all relevant content has already been incorporated into the exam. BPI’s Building Analyst (BA) certification currently references the BPI-1200 standard and is not affected by this new standard. ANSI/BPI-1100 may be used by programs that choose to do so or by contractors that are not required to comply with other standards.

To view ANSI/BPI-1100-T-2014: Home Energy Auditing Standard, click here.

Publication date: 1/5/2015

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