SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — Groschopp Inc., a manufacturer of fractional horsepower motors, is now offering customers the ability to order custom motors and gearmotors online. A redesign of Groschopp’s website features a number of new functions and abilities that make it easier for the company to deliver precisely what customers need in a motor, allowing customers to modify and choose specifications for standard products, online. Groschopp noted that it is one of the few fractional horsepower motor manufacturers to offer such a tool.

These features provide for a quick turnaround for customers desiring custom motors in a short period of time. There are over 50 modifications to choose from on the redesigned website, as well as a feature where customers can upload their prints and specifications directly to Groschopp. This will help create a more efficient product selection process by providing sales with all the information needed earlier in the sales cycle to get the customer the best motor for their application, sooner, said the company.

Another key feature on Groschopp’s updated website is the addition of 3D, rotatable images of motors and gearmotors. These 3D interactive images visually highlight the product’s design. Additionally, performance curves on product pages assist in the design process by allowing customers to review the specific performance data of each motor and gearmotor.

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Publication date: 12/15/2014

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