Rosenberg USA Inc.: Backward Curved FanThe DKHR Series backward curved impellers equipped with integral inlet cones are available in 630- and 710-mm sizes and are suitable for a wide range of HVAC and air-movement applications. The 710-mm model DKHR 710-6SH delivers up to 11,500-cfm airflow. The 630-mm model DKHR 630-6SH can generate up to 7,600 cfm or 2.6 inches of static pressure. Their inlet cones are appropriately sized to the impellers to prevent airflow loss, ensuring the best possible airflow in any application. Both sizes are available with or without housings for greater design flexibility. The DKHR 710 features a free-running eight-blade impeller constructed from sea-waterproof aluminum. The inlet cone is made from galvanized sheet steel. The DKHR 630 employs a plastic impeller. The fans are balanced on two levels according to quality class G 2.5, DIN/ISO 1940. Maintenance-free ball bearings are closed on both sides and sealed for life. Standard external rotor motors are built to protection class IP 44/54. Thermal contacts provide motor protection. All motors are CE, UL, and Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) approved.

Rosenberg USA Inc.

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