NK Technologies: Current TransducerATH Series current transducers with time integration now accommodate 120-vac power supplies for use in heater-monitoring applications. They are compatible with most automation systems and are ideal for monitoring burst-fired, time-proportional control of heating systems. The ATH Series also features a simple two-screw panel mount and optional DIN rail brackets for quick and easy installation. These current transducers are factory calibrated and feature industry-standard outputs. They provide an output signal directly proportional to the RMS amperage and are accurate even though there are periods of time when the heating circuit is intentionally off, using no power. Their design enables the sensor to remain installed over the conductor while the heating circuit is powered or when it is being serviced, regardless of what may be connected to the output terminals, even when there is nothing connected. The built-in signal conditioning eliminates the need for a shorting block on the output, vastly improving safety over conventional current transformers.

NK Technologies

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