Andrew Gaved
Andrew Gaved

Small compressor giant Embraco has unveiled the first oil-free compressor for domestic refrigerators in the world. The firm said it believes the new concept “will revolutionize residential refrigeration, expanding the possibilities in designing new refrigerators — from format to even additional smart features — while simultaneously meeting high energy efficiency levels and low noise.”

The Wisemotion compressor is the result of 10 years research by Embraco and involved approximately 100 engineers and researchers, who generated more than 80 patents for the project.

Roberto H. Campos, Embraco president, said, “We’re actually talking about revolutionizing the refrigeration industry. With Wisemotion technology, manufacturers will be able to think of innovative designs in the refrigeration systems production and to deliver practical benefits to their customers. We’re making our clients’ dream possible: developing the refrigerator of the future. The market for domestic refrigeration will take a technological leap with this new solution.”

According to Fabio Klein, research and development director of Embraco, Wisemotion will enable benefits such as better food conservation, better use of the space inside the refrigerator, and low noise. Furthermore, the reduction in energy consumption can reach more than 20 percent when compared to other high efficiency commercial compressors. “Wisemotion also innovates in the use of the latest generation of materials and new coatings applied to its mechanical parts, which enable its operation without the use of oil as well as a 50 percent reduction in raw material use,” said Klein.

The innovation also demanded research on precision manufacturing processes never used in the industry, which led Embraco to seek references in Swiss watch production.

With Wisemotion it will be possible to obtain minimal temperature differences inside the refrigerator, since it operates with controlled capacity according to the demand on the equipment.

Embraco also said that the Wisemotion doesn’t suffer from the usual “on and off” noise of traditional refrigerators either, and at only about the height of a 100 mm smartphone, saves space inside the refrigerator. For example, the firm said, it enables the addition of a 20 liter drawer for keeping products. Additionally, it uses approximately 20 percent less refrigerant when compared to traditional compressor-driven equipment.

But Embraco said the benefits extend further than just refrigerator size: “Compressors which use this new technology can be installed in different locations within the refrigeration system. Therefore, in the future, the same compressor will be able to power simultaneously, the refrigerator, freezer, wine cellar, and mini-bar, optimizing the cooling process. Furthermore, new features and intelligent controls related to food preservation and energy efficiency will also be possible.”

Embraco said the Wisemotion compressor is designed using smart electronics and embedded with new materials and mechanical parts coated with a technology which enables the elimination of lubricating oils altogether. The refrigerant in the Wisemotion technology compressor will both cool and lubricate the system’s friction points. 

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Publication date: 11/17/2014