PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has introduced its BAS R’newal™ building controls upgrade program, which helps update existing control systems and gain access to new technologies to improve overall building performance and operating efficiency.

Trane noted that many building owners face the challenge of updating existing building automation systems (BAS) to integrate current equipment with new technology. By leveraging existing equipment, the company said BAS R’newal provides a proactive migration plan to improve the functionality and reliability of an aging system, and is more cost effective than a comprehensive system replacement.

“Upgrading the BAS enables facility managers to take advantage of new technologies, like open systems with mobile access, wireless communication, and Web-enabled remote access,” said Eugene Shedivy, building controls leader at Trane. “These advanced technologies are capable of capturing more building data offering valuable insights for continuous improvements to help run the building better. As a result of the BAS R’newal program, customers receive reports summarizing how BAS R’newal is impacting their buildings and businesses.”

Trane has created a portfolio of Tracer™ communication bridges to enable customers to upgrade aging and existing infrastructure. Tracer controls convert proprietary protocols to open, standard protocols, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to integrate older, existing equipment with new technologies. As a result, customers get immediate, enhanced building control and the ability to cost-effectively manage the replacement of an older system for improved energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability, said Trane. Tracer controls are pre-engineered, factory tested, and designed to work together to provide consistent, reliable operations, even with legacy products.

Tracer building management systems are designed for operators who oversee single or multiple buildings in various locations — like educational and health care facilities or commercial buildings — because they can integrate several dashboards into one BAS. Many Tracer controls enable remote system access via any Internet-enabled device, including a tablet or smartphone. This gives operators more visibility and access to building and system-level dashboards and controls so they can troubleshoot issues, and manage and adjust settings quickly from virtually anywhere. In addition to improving responsiveness, building management software maximizes enterprise-wide energy efficiency and cost savings.

The BAS R’newal program includes ongoing service and support from Trane to help protect the investment and drive lasting business results. Trane experts work with customers to maintain the system for continued efficiency and reliability, and take a proactive approach to identifying additional cost savings opportunities.

For more information, visit www.trane.com/basrnewal.

Publication date: 10/27/2014

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