NEW YORK — QM Power Inc. announced that it has received two competitive funding awards from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to expedite commercialization of its Q-Sync™ motor solution into the commercial refrigeration market and extend it into HVAC applications with Carrier.

“We are very excited to have been chosen for these highly selective and prestigious awards,” said PJ Piper, CEO of QM Power. “These awards ideally position QM Power to strengthen its core focus in becoming a preeminent energy solutions company for the HVAC and refrigeration markets worth over $10 billion worldwide.”

The Building Technologies Office of DOE awarded QM Power with funding to demonstrate its Q-Sync fan motor technology in commercial refrigeration with supermarkets, OEMs, utilities, and retrofit partners across the country. In addition, the DOE’s Building Technologies Office selected a QM Power project with United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, Connecticut, to develop higher efficiency, low-cost electric motors for HVAC compressor and fan motor applications.

QM Power has developed higher efficiency 7-16 watt fan motors that are often used in commercial refrigeration systems. The company intends to install and demonstrate over 10,000 high-efficiency fans in more than 50 grocery stores throughout the U.S., focusing on open display case retrofits that could result in significant energy efficiency improvements. If fully adopted, DOE said the technology has the potential to achieve more than 0.6 quads in energy savings in the U.S. (equal to nearly 176 billion kilowatt/hours of energy efficiency improvements) and reduce energy costs by $1 billion.

QM Power's Q-Sync and Parallel Path Magnetic Technologies (PPMT™) are being heralded as next-generation electric motor and generator solutions due to the significant energy-saving, size, weight, reliability, and cost benefits for businesses and consumers.

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Publication date: 9/8/2014

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