Larson Electronics LLC: Explosion-Proof Portable Air ChillerThe EPF-AC-24 is a Class 1, Division 2 portable, evaporative cooling system that is rated for use in hazardous area work environments. The unit combines a fan and dry mist technology to cool Class 1 Division 2 work areas that do not have access to traditional air conditioning. Measuring 66-by-30-by-46-inches in size, the portable cooling unit has a 32-gallon tank and two separate water filters to cool the work environment 20°-30°F for up to 10 hours. This portable cooling system will automatically shut-off once the water reservoir is empty, so operators do not need to worry about burning out the pumps. Using dry-mist technology, this unit ensures the work environment stays dry while lowering the ambient temperature. It includes a 24-inch spark-proof aluminum blade and enclosed wire and motors. The cooler is easily transferred with 6-inch wheels and is powered by a 20-foot cord, terminated in an explosion-proof plug.

Larson Electronics LLC

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