Bob Janet
Bob Janet

It’s all about price, isn't it? That's why every company that sells high-end items is going out of business. But wait a second; they are not going out of business. In fact they are profiting like never before.

If you think the majority of your customers/prospects leave you because they are always looking for a lower price, well … you are wrong!

The customers you want to keep, the ones that you make the most profit from, are not looking for a lower price. They are looking for higher value. And the major part of higher value is service. And the major part of service is giving the customers the perception that you care about them.

Some customers do leave looking for a lower price. But more often than not, they leave you because you failed to show them you cared about solving their problems and meeting their needs and wants.

Most people leave just because they’re treated indifferently. Not rudely. Indifferently — you just didn't seem to care.

In fact, 68 percent of the customers who leave a business — by far the No. 1 reason — leave because of a lack of caring expressed or a lack of perceived caring from someone in the business.

If it’s all about price: Do you dine at the lowest priced restaurant in town? Do you buy your clothes at the second-hand store? Do you buy day old bread?

Of course not, in fact most of us pay more for everything because it is not about price. It is all about convenience ... service ... perception of caring.

Customers of the most successful businesses feel that they are the most important people to that business. They feel that way because they are treated that way. They are made to believe that they are always right and that their every need and want will be taken care of and their problems will be solved. Not that they will receive the lowest price.

It’s not all about price. As a matter of fact, the old saying is true:

“The one who mentions price first makes it important.”

It is about giving the customer the feeling you care about them and will do whatever it takes to solve their problems and meet their needs and wants.

Publication date: 6/9/2014