E-Mon: DIN Rail-Mount Electric Smart MetersHoused in standard DIN rail-mount enclosures, Din-Mon™ kWh/kW smart meters can be integrated into existing systems to perform advanced energy monitoring and communications at the point of load, which helps building operators improve energy savings while reducing operating costs. The single-protocol (Din-Mon D2) and dual-protocol (Din-Mon D5) meters facilitate integration of advanced energy monitoring into building automation systems (BAS), switchgear, control panels, server racks, renewable energy systems, and other space-constrained applications. The meters have a four-line display that shows kWh; volts, amps, and power factor per phase; real-time load in kW; and more. Features include built-in RS-485 communications protocols including EZ7 (E-Mon Energy), Modbus RTU, or BACnet master-slave/token-passing (MS/TP). Din-Mon D5 offers dual protocol communication — protocols include EZ7 Ethernet (E-Mon Energy), Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet IP, or LonWorks FT-10. The 0.333-V output split-core current sensors (standard) allow for enhanced safety and accurate mounting of sensors up to 500 feet from meter. Optional solid-core sensors and 100-mA output sensors are available.


eProduct 186

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